Built for non-profit organizations and charities

Our platform helps raise funds and steward donors by focusing on their "why".

User-friendly design

Featuring a simple, intuitive experience for you and your donors. Mobile friendly.

Simple administration

Giving Wall is low maintenance with simple set-up, quick customization and ease for moderation.

Connect with your donors about something that's important to you both - your cause


Sign-in and use your Giving Wall account to create your wall, or multiple walls.

A virtual honour wall

Create and design a wall that gives your donors a place to share their "why".

Multiple moderators

Multiple moderators can review message and photo submissions.

Flexibility and capacity

Your Giving Wall can exist for as long or short as you need, and you can manage multiple walls at the same time.



Inspire donors to give

An exclusive approach focused on conversion and revenue generation.

You can raise funds with your Giving Wall by making it exclusive to donors after giving a recent gift.

Build relationships with your donors

An inclusive approach focused on stewardship and community.

You can invite all donors to share their "why" on your Giving Wall, regardless of their giving history.


How do I moderate message and photo submissions?

You can link your Giving Wall one, or multiple, email addresses to review submissions. All messages and photos will be live on your wall, and you will have the opportunity to review and reject in your email inbox and it will be removed from your Giving Wall immediately. All rejected messages and photos will be archived.

Can I create walls for multiple campaigns?

Yes! If you are managing multiple fundraising campaigns, you can create, design, and moderate more than one wall at the same time.

Can I capture data from our donors?

Yes! This is a premium feature.

What measures are in place to prevent submissions from bots?

All submissions are tested using CAPTCHA to determine whether they're human or bot.

I want to leverage my Giving Wall as a sponsorship opportunity. Can I display their logo?

Yes! There is a premium template to incorporate sponsorship logos and imagery.

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